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"Keep calm & GET YOUR WAX ON"

Removal of hair from the root lasting up to 4 - 6 weeks, your hair should be at least 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch (grain of rice) for best results.

Eyebrow / Upper Lip £7.50 each

Nostrils / Ears £6 / £7

Chin £8.50

Underarm £12

Arm £17 / Full arm £22

Bikini Line (Just the sides) £14

Half leg £17 / Full leg £27 

With bikini £29 / £39

Back / Chest wax £20 each

VMould Intimate Waxing

V-mould waxing is a specific technique, when applied it warms the skin which opens the hair follicles allowing us to apply a wax mould to the intimate areas, to grab every single hair while removing quickly and almost painlessly.

Benefits of a V Wax:  

- Fast & Virtually Painless

- Use of hot wax around intimate area, heats skin to open hair follicles, making the removal much easier, this also creates a mould of the area which grabs every single hair

- Removes hairs right from the root with NO snapping

- Skin left clear and soft with no stubble or razor burns

- Reduces hair growth by up to 40% after 3 week

- Smooth for up to 3 weeks and some people beyond this

Whats included? 

Vagina, Bikini Line, Buttocks & Labia 

VMould Brazilian Wax £30

VMould Hollywood Wax £40

Half Leg & VMould Brazilian Wax £47

Half Leg & VMould Hollywood Wax £57

Full Leg & VMould Brazilian Wax £57

Full Leg & VMould Hollywood Wax £67


Starting from £8

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