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"Free lash naps with every lash service" - Thank me later!

LVL Lashes 

Your own lashes BUT BETTER!

Adding length, volume & lift without lash extensions.

NO mascara, NO maintenance, NO messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up!

Lasting 6-8 weeks.

Duration : 1 Hour

Cost £42

Weekend lashes

A cluster of lashes applied to your own natural lashes, perfect for those weekend trips / nights out! 

Duration : 30 Minutes

Cost £15

Classic Lashes

Looking for a more natural look, these are for you!

One classic lash is applied to one individual natural lash, depending on the amount of natural lashes you have these will give you a more natural look. 

Duration : 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Cost £55

2 Week Infill

Cost £30

3 Week Infill

Cost £40 

Hybrid Lashes 

Using a combination of Classic lashes & Hand Crafted Russian Lash fans these are a perfect set for the half way look.

Duration : 2 Hours

Cost £65

2 Week Infill

Cost £40

3 Week Infill

Cost £50

Russian Lashes 


Hand crafted fans are created and applied to each lash, but instead of using 3 lashes to each fan, this technique creates up to 8, which gives you more VOLUME!

Duration : 2 Hours

Cost : £75

2 Week Infill

Cost £45

3 Week Infill 

Cost £55

Please arrive with NO eye make-up allowing more time for lashing. 

Patch test is required no later than 24 hours prior to any eyelash service.

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