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"There's no better feeling than getting your nails done"

Gel Nails

Choose from a variety of colours & a choice of jazzy glitters or foils.

Lasting up to 2 weeks.

Duration : 30 Minutes

Cost £24.50

Nail Art

Duration : 15 minutes - 1 hour 

​Pigment / chrome £3

1-2 Nails £4

3-4 Nails £7

10 Nails £10

French / Reverse / Cuffed £4

French & more £7

Intricate / Delicate 

1 character £15

2 Nails £8

4 Nails £16

10 Nails £35

Why not book Fingers & Toes Together £45

Builder in a bottle

Do you suffer with weak / brittle nails?

Do you want to grow your natural nails without the need for acrylic? 

BIAB is for you - NO chipping or lifting, which helps to grow natural nails, BIAB can be infilled or soaked off.  

Infills recommended every 2 - 3 weeks. 

Cost £36.50

If you are a new client to Belle Voir, please note we do not infill builder gel nails, you will need to book in for a removal.

Nail Repairs

We understand accidents happen, which is why we like to remind you that your nails are jewels and not tools.

So let's talk about it..

Nail repairs are free up to 24 hours after your appointment, then they are chargeable due to the time and materials used for a repair.

Price is per nail

Gel / Builder / Broken Nail - £5.00

Gel X - £8.00

Nail art is an additional cost

If you require a repair please let us know before you arrive, as we may not have time on the day.

Toe Nail Reconstruction 

Using a specialist builder gel for reconstructing a partial or missing nail on your feet.

This is a flexible gel, which is better for your nail health as a suppose to acrylic. 

Can be used for building a short nail even on the skin, effective against nail fungus.

X1 Toe Nail Reconstruction £10

X2 Toe Nail Reconstruction £20

Gel Polish Removals

Gel soak off £5

BIAB soak off £8

Gel soak off & nail tidy £10

Mini Manicure

Lasting up to 1 week.

This includes cuticle work, nail preparation & a nail paint with your chosen colour.

Duration : 15 Minutes

Cost £14

Manicure with Polish / Gel

Our manicures include all cuticle work, nail preparation, relaxing hand & arm massage followed by a nail paint with your chosen colour.

Duration : 30 Minutes / 1 Hour

Cost £21.50 / £31.50

Manicure with NO POLISH

Duration : 30 Minutes

Cost £19.50

Pedicure with Polish / Gel 

All our pedicures includes cuticle work, nail preparation, gentle foot scrub, relaxing leg / foot massage followed by a nail paint with your chosen colour.

Duration : 45 Minutes / 1 Hour

Cost £26.50 / £36.50

Pedicure with NO POLISH

Cost £24.50


Your Manicure or Pedicure

Includes luxurious hand or foot treatment with warm paraffin wax dip & heated mitts / bootees.

Please note if you are a new nail customer at Belle Voir, you will be required to pay an additional one off £2 fee for a nail file/buffer - this will be stored at the salon for your future appointments.

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