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"There's no better feeling than getting your nails done"

Gel Nails

Choose from a variety of colours & a choice of jazzy glitters or foils.

Lasting up to 2 weeks.

Duration : 30 Minutes

Cost £24.50

Nail Art

Duration : 15 minutes - 1 hour 

​Pigment / chrome £3

1-2 Nails £4

3-4 Nails £7

10 Nails £10

French / Reverse / Cuffed £4

French & more £7

Intricate / Delicate 

1 character £15

2 Nails £8

4 Nails £16

10 Nails £35

Why not book Fingers & Toes Together £45

Builder in a bottle

Do you suffer with weak / brittle nails?

Do you want to grow your natural nails without the need for acrylic? 

BIAB is for you - NO chipping or lifting, which helps to grow natural nails, BIAB can be infilled or soaked off.  

Infills recommended every 2 - 3 weeks. 

Cost £36.50

If you are a new client to Belle Voir, please note we do not infill builder gel nails, you will need to book in for a removal.

Nail Repairs

Repairs are free up to 24 hours after your scheduled appointment, then they’re priced per nail.

Gel £2.50

BIAB £4.00

Broken Nail £5.00

Acrylic / Gel X £8.00

Toe Nail Reconstruction 

Using a specialist builder gel for reconstructing a partial or missing nail on your feet.

This is a flexible gel, which is better for your nail health as a suppose to acrylic. 

Can be used for building a short nail even on the skin, effective against nail fungus.

X1 Toe Nail Reconstruction £10

X2 Toe Nail Reconstruction £20

Gel Polish Removals

Gel soak off £5

BIAB soak off £8

Gel soak off & nail tidy £10

Mini Manicure

Lasting up to 1 week.

This includes cuticle work, nail preparation & a nail paint with your chosen colour.

Duration : 15 Minutes

Cost £14

Manicure with Polish / Gel

Our manicures include all cuticle work, nail preparation, relaxing hand & arm massage followed by a nail paint with your chosen colour.

Duration : 30 Minutes / 1 Hour

Cost £21.50 / £31.50

Manicure with NO POLISH

Duration : 30 Minutes

Cost £19.50

Pedicure with Polish / Gel 

All our pedicures includes cuticle work, nail preparation, gentle foot scrub, relaxing leg / foot massage followed by a nail paint with your chosen colour.

Duration : 45 Minutes / 1 Hour

Cost £26.50 / £36.50

Pedicure with NO POLISH

Cost £24.50


Your Manicure or Pedicure

Includes luxurious hand or foot treatment with warm paraffin wax dip & heated mitts / bootees.

Please note if you are a new nail customer at Belle Voir, you will be required to pay an additional one off £2 fee for a nail file/buffer - this will be stored at the salon for your future appointments.

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